2023 and 2024

Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Report – Financial & Budgets, Tax Returns & Community Notices
Prior to 2023 not listed below see Archives & Library

TOCCA Board Members
President, Ian Jones
Vice President, Jack Wuerker
Treasurer, Chad Holliday
Member at Large, Jade Banks
Secretary, Vickey Testa

TOC has one Association called TOCCA which was established in 2009.
TOCCA II is not fully developed therefore, no Association has been formed.
Why Two Separate Assessments?
Assessment = TOC Common Areas & TOC Facilities LLC
TOCCA II Assessment = TOC Facilities LLC ONLY
TOC Facilities LLC Assessment = Clubhouse, Pool & Marina (CPM)
Clubhouse & Pool enjoyment for all Members.

Does not include marina slip rentals, boat or trailer storage therefore, Members pay additional fees.

TOCCA Common Areas Acquired from Avalon 2009 – 2019